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Glass Fishing Float in Green 14"

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This is a vintage glass fishing float that weighs 7 to 9 lbs. & is between 13 and 14 inches wide including the netting. It was hand blown into a two piece mold & has a glass plug sealed in the bottom of the float.   Most of these were used in commercial long line fishing in coastal Asia  from the late 1950"s on. They are even strung with commercial long line. Some floats have a dimple , some have a slightly rough texture and some have  bubbles inside the glass. This is a rare float  full of tiny bubbles. This is caused by varying temperatures in the drying process after coming out of the mold. This float shows a fair amount of wear as seen in the photos. These all add to the character and collectability of the float. This is a rugged float that is unique and will go with any nautical décor. Some of the floats are in like new condition and others have been restrung and the glass shows wear. You will be shipped the one in the picture or if it sells before I can change the picture I will ship one of equal quality. If this happens I will be happy to send you pictures at your request before shipping.