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Meteorite Ship's Dual Masthead Light

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 This is a very large and impressive vintage  ship's Masthead light made by Meteorite in Great Briton. It is made of copper and brass construction with two glass fresnel lenses. Dimensions are 23" tall, 13" wide, 12" wide at the base and weighs 30 lbs.  Access is easy by unscrewing the back plates. The light has some small dents and dings from years at sea which really add to the character of this light.  There are two creases that make the light lean slightly forward about 3/16" at the top.  The  two fresnel lenses are in excelent condition with no cracks or chipping but does have some small nicks as shown in the pictures. For some reason the bottom lens looks cloudy but this is not the case. I took another picture on the work bench that shows both lens are clear. The light has the original bulb sockets but can be easily rewired with new bulb sockets.