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Glass Fishing Float in Green

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This is a glass fishing float in green glass that weighs 7 to 8lbs & is 12" wide not counting the rope webbing. It was hand blown into a two piece mold & has a glass plug inserted in the bottom of the float. The color of the float is dependent on the color of the glass bottles the were ground up to make the float.  Some of the floats have a small dimple in the top. This is caused by negative pressure inside the float when tongs are used to move the float after the mold is removed. If these break they actually implode and make a very strange sound. I have only had one break in a large shipment to me. This is a rugged float that is unique and will go with any nautical décor. Some of the floats are in like new condition and others have been restrung and the glass shows wear. This float shows a fair amount of use which only adds to it's character. You will be shipped the one in the picture.